Collect Used Clothing to Serve People, Save the Environment, and Raise Funds!

We Keep it Simple

One of the Easiest Ways to Raise Funds

See how a clothing donation drive could help support your group!

1. Sign Up!

We provide you with the resources to start your drive, including pre-made, customized flyers and info sheets to help spread the word!

2. Share and Collect

Tell your group about the clothing drive and build some excitement! Once the drive begins, start emptying closets of gently used clothing and watch the weight add up!

3. Get Paid!

We buy the bags clothing from you directly by weight and you quickly receive the funds to benefit your organization.

More Than Just a Fundraiser

17 million

The United States produces over 17 million tons of used textile waste every year.


Only 15% of consumer used clothing will be recycled every year.

1 million

Recycling 2 million tons of clothing per year would be equal to taking 1.1 million cars from U.S. streets

Your donations will keep thousands of pounds of clothing out of landfills, where they can be used for the benefit of people locally and around the world.

Prepared Marketing

Get the word out about your organization’s clothing drive! Quick and easy.

Customized Flyers

Use some of our prepared marketing flyers to help you save time, money, and energy!

We add your organization’s name, logo, clothing drive location, and time. You take the completed files and spread the word. It’s that simple!

Multiple designs to choose from, to fit your fundraiser’s theme and needs.

What We Collect

See what articles of clothing we collect, and the few items that we don’t.


All types of clean, usable clothing. From coats and jackets to t-shirts and jeans. All ages and all seasons.


From Tennis shoes, Basketball shoes, Dress shoes to Loafers, Pumps, Boots and Sandals.


Baseball caps, Trucker hats, Sun hats, Golf visors, Fishing hats, Military hats, and even Scarves!


We gladly accept Backpacks, Purses, Handbags, Tote or Shoulder bags and Laptop bags.

See our full list of accepted and unacceptable items!


  • Mens, Womens, and Childrens Clothing
  • Sneakers and Shoes
  • Hats and Scarves
  • Bags, Backpacks, and Handbags
  • Belts and Gloves

Don’t Bring

  • Bedding and towels
  • Draperies and Curtains
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Household Items

Frequently asked questions

How can I get started?
Visit our signup page and submit your organization’s contact info. One of our representatives will contact you quickly to get the ball rolling!
How much can my group earn from a clothing drive?
That depends on the size of your group and the amount of clothing that they donate. Contact us and we’ll be able to give you more information like up-to-date rates and more!
What items are accepted in a clothing drive?
We accept a wide variety of items in a clothing drive, including most Men’s, Women’s, Children’s and Baby Clothing. Items should be clean and gently used and placed in plastic bags. We are also happy to accept Belts, Purses, Backpacks, Shoes, Laptop Bags, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, and Wallets. Even odd items like work uniforms (factory shirts and pants, fast food uniforms, scrubs) are accepted!
We had a great experience with our last clothing drive, when can we do another?
We generally recommend that you could do a clothing drive twice each year.
Who can Benefit from a Clothing Drive Fundraiser?
Almost anyone! Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Churches, Veterans Groups and VFW’s, Sporting Clubs, Baseball and Softball Teams, School groups and more can benefit from the funds raised by a clothing drive!
Describe a clothing drive for me.
You sign up with us, and we provide your group with customized flyers and handouts to spread the word about the upcoming clothing drive. Then, your group gathers as much gently used clothing as they can and put them into plastic bags for easy transport. Once the drive is over, we send a vehicle over to pickup all the clothing and weigh it. Once we have the weight, we send your organization a check based on the pounds of clothing collected. It really is just that simple.
What items are NOT accepted?
We do not accept heavily soiled, smelly or damaged clothing. In addition, we cannot accept Electronics, Tapes, CD’s and other media, Cookware, Kitchenware, or other appliances, TV’s, Silverware, Mattresses, Children’s Toys including plush or stuffed animals and other household items.
How long have you been in business?
Red Frog Goods has been in business since the summer of 2019!

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