About Us

Family Owned and Operated

We began our journey in the summer of 2019 (just before Covid hit, wasn’t that fun!) and we’ve been happily serving Central Indiana ever since.

When you contact us you’re talking with a small business that is focused on providing great service and doing our part to help your organization, our community and the world.

We Treat Your Clothing With Care

When we buy clothing from your group, we know that you want all that work to really mean something. That’s why we work hard to ensure that over 95% of all clothing we purchase is repurposed to good use! Most clothing ends up back in the hands of people who will wear and enjoy the clothing for years to come, while some is used for industrial rags (keeping new materials from being used for rags) and other industrial uses.

That last 5% or so is made up of clothing that is so heavily damaged or soiled that it can’t be worn anymore or used for other purposes.

Your hard work should be able to raise funds locally and benefit the world. We’ll do our best to ensure it does! Together we can keep thousands of pounds of unwanted clothing out of our landfills!